This is how I suggest you spend your money on home improvements.

One question we’ve been hearing a lot recently is, “What can I do to improve my home so I can get top dollar in the resale market?”

One example comes from a client who recently sold their home in Kissimmee. She needed to paint, change some flooring, freshen up landscaping, and basically reset the home for the next owner. With our help and that of our staging consultant, we were able to guide her through this process and suggest simple improvements that ultimately got the property sold with multiple offers and above market value.

Today we’re sharing tips that will ensure your home improvements make money for you.

1. Neutralize the color palette. It is always best to neutralize any bold or unique colors, and make more neutral color selections for the walls.

2. Shore up curb appeal. Make sure the curb appeal of your home is attractive to any buyer driving up. That could mean changing a front door, painting, or restaining. Those are very simple things to do. Trimming trees away from your rooftop is a great idea as well.

“It is always best to neutralize any bold or unique colors.”

3. Focus on flooring and the kitchen. It may be as simple as replacing old carpet to give more of a refreshed look or possibly putting in faux wood tile, laminate, or vinyl. We have great contacts if you ever need to talk to someone about it. Freshen up the kitchen cabinetry as well. That could be as easy as getting some different fronts for the cabinetry so you don’t have to replace the full box, or painting and adding some updated hardware to it.

4. Let the natural light shine. Make sure all the light bulbs match, have warm light, and aren’t too bright. If you have any solar screens on your windows, take those off to let the light in, and make sure you get the windows cleaned, or do it yourself. An easy thing is to get Fabuloso, water, and a mop, and go to town on the inside and outside of your windows.

Those are just some of the things we recommend to get your home ready for the market. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.