If you list now, you’ll have less competition and deal with more serious buyers.

“Should I sell my home during the holidays?”

That was the question one of our subscribers, Frank B., recently asked us. We told him it really depended on whether he was hosting this year—if you have messy guests, you might want to wait.

In all seriousness, though, there are two main reasons why selling during the holidays is a great opportunity.

First, there is less competition. Many homeowners decide to pull their homes off the market until the holidays are over. Then, once January arrives, those sellers all list at the same time, resulting in an upswing in inventory and an increase in competition.

“There are two main reasons why selling during the holidays is a great opportunity.”

Second, buyers are more serious during the holidays. Most buyers typically wait out the holiday season, but this year we’re seeing more activity due to the low interest rates. This has also resulted in more multiple-offer situations. Also, many buyers want to buy now so they can file their homestead exemption in time and save in property taxes.

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